He didn’t like when she got that far away look in her eye. No, that was too kind. He hated when she got that far away look in her eye because it reminded him that even the small comfort he found when he held this strange mortal girl he was not first in her heart. He’d had enough of that from his father and it only made the poison in his soul spread. Always second choice. He shifted her head from his shoulder and turned away from the stars they’d been watching. “Your Doctor is not coming back.” Loki reminded her with a bitter taste in his throat. 

She looked up at him, squinting at the sting of his words. “Don’t—don’t say that.” 

"I am not here to comfort you while you think of another. I am a prince of Asgard!" His voice rose from the emotion behind his words and Loki’s eyes narrowed in anger. "Isn’t that better than a former lover that would cast you aside?" 

Rose shook her head, startled by his words. “He didn’t—he’s not—It wasn’t like that! He was much more important than—”

"I tire of your presence, Rose Tyler." Loki said and turned to leave, not bothering to look back.

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