(AU, in which Meta!Doctor is never created)

They’d stopped the reality bomb, the Daleks were defeated and every universe that had been in jeopardy was safe. She’d set out what she’d meant to do and then it had been time for another painful “Goodbye”. She’d worked so hard, travelled so far to find the Doctor and she wasn’t sure how she’d come to the dicision she had. But she had and while there would always be a moment of doubt for the rest of her life, she knew where she was really needed.

"You’re sure you won’t come with us then?" It was Donna Noble asking the question as they stood on Bad Wolf Bay. 

Rose smiled and turned towards the Time Lord and his latest companion. A woman with a Time Lord brain. She was a perfect match for him. “No, I—I’m needed here.” She said, her voice strained with emotion as she looked over at the Doctor. It broke his hearts to see her go and Rose hurt for him. But during her time in the parallel world, she’d grown strong. She’d become a hero in her own right and she had fallen in love with a fallen God who needed her as much as she needed him. Besides, this world faced as many threats as the one she’d been born on. “This world is still in need of defending after all.” 

"Rose—" The Doctor spoke up, forcing a smile to his face. "—You are magnificent." In spite of the sorrow of leaving her behind, the Doctor felt so proud of her. Rose Tyler, his Rose. All grown up. 

She hugged him tight, burying her face in the collar of his jacket one last time. “I am going to miss you, Doctor.” 

"Goodbye, Rose." He said quietly as he held her one last time.

She burst into the apartment excitedly, although exhausted from the events and travel back from Norway, she couldn’t deny how happy she was to be home. “I’m home!” She called out into the dark apartment. Rose looked around as she stepped further in, peeling her jacket off and tossing it over the back of the couch as she passed by. “You wouldn’t believe what happened, Loki, you are going to love this story.” She went on as she flicked some lights on and wandered down the hall towards their bedroom. 

At the start he’d had his own and he still did but as their relationship had progressed he’d spent far more time in her room, until it had become their room. 

But it was empty as well. Her lips settled into a frown and she felt something in the pit of her stomach that reminded her of the start of panic.  Turning back she doubled back to his room and opened the door. Everything was trashed. The furniture had been up turned, their were holes and dents in the wall and even the window was broken. Every bit of excitement faded away as she realized that he was gone. He had never believed she was coming back and Rose leaned against the door frame.

In their final argument before she left he’d begged her to stay. Loki, who didn’t even enjoy asking for anything, had begged Rose Tyler to pick him instead of the Doctor. 

In the end she had, but it was too late.

"Loki, I came back." She said quietly, her eyes squeezing shut as she turned her head to the wall, unable to stop the sudden sob that escaped. 

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