Is there a ship name for Naomi and Crowley? I need fics. GUYS I NEED FICS. 

I kind of ship Naomi and Crowley like burning.

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So I’m introducing my BFF to Doctor who and last night we watched The Impossible Planet and the Satan Pit and then I had a SuperWho thought(Shocking, huh?)

The Beast posessesing Toby.

Crowley posessing Mama Tran.

Anyone know of any neat panfandom RP’s taking place on Tumblr? I need something to fill my days. Sigh.

I’ve decided I need to make some Megstiel stuff.

Also I’m still not over it. Still in the denial stage


Castiel/Meg: Castiel is an angel, Meg is a demon. How can they be together? Castiel will purify her soul, with his feather in her hands. He wants to exorcise the demon inside her, but Meg will agree with him?


TV Tropes: Belligerent Sexual Tension

Whenever Meg and Castiel show up in the same episode, this is their default behavior toward each other. This includes insults, occasional physical violence, and wall-slamming kisses. 


Cas + cats

“I know for a fact, that the females were not consulted about that.”